Above: is one of our seafood platters, Chef Mandie has a great love of seafood and a terrific relationship with local suppliers. This is part of a spread for 6 guests. They're a special order, so please phone a day or so beforehand and Mandie can advise what is in season and the cost per person. Telephone: 07841 434662.
Below: Our popular Continental Meats & Cheeses sharing platter from our Main Menu & our Lunch & EarlyBird Menu.
Below: Our Greek sharing platter, with warm pitta bread, home-made tzatziki and hummus, marinaded mixed olives, home-made koftas, dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) and home-made stuffed roasted peppers. From our Tapas & Starters Specials Menu.
Below: Chicken & Chorizo Salad, from our Main Menu.
Above & Below: Two paella pans used to carry a Seafood Special for one person.
Above: Black Pudding Scotch Eggs Below: Mixed Paella for 2. Both are on our Main Menu.
Above: Iberian Ribs & Below: Calamari. Both feature on our Main Menu. The Calamari also features on our Lunch & EarlyBird Menu.
Above: Creamy Spanish Paprika Chicken from our Main Menu & our Lunch & EarlyBird Menu. Below: Chorizo al Vino Tinto from our Main Menu.
Above: Smoky Chicken Skewers Below: Fresh Mussels. Again both feature on our Main Menu though the Mussels are also available from our Lunch & EarlyBird Menu.
Above: Creamy Garlic Mushrooms & Patatas Bravas from our Lunch & EarlyBird Menu. Below: Baked Camembert. All 3 are available on our Main Menu too.
Above: An extra special Gambas Pil Pil for a Thai customer featuring whole King Prawns. Our usual Gambas Pil Pil - often found on our Specials boards in the dining room - feature King Prawn tails.
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